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Frequently asked questions

What is Trikl?
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Trikl is a saving and investment app that enables young Pakistanis to begin their journey toward building long-term wealth. We are making it simple and intuitive to start, especially for those who have never invested before. Trikl will be a mobile app that you can use to invest your money - even automating the process easily!

What is the early access waitlist?
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Waitlist gets you early access to Trikl app. Once you signup on the waitlist, you will be amongst the earliest users (depending on your rank) to get the access to the app as it goes live on Playstore.

How can I get faster access to the app
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You can get bumped up on the waitlist and get faster access to the app by referring your friends, or joining the Platinum Club.

What is Platinum Club and how can I join it?
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Platinum club offers exclusive benefits to waitlist members such as faster access, Trikl merch, and exclusive features. You can join the club by making 20 referrals using your unique link. 

Does Trikl offer shariah compliant investment options?
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Trikl will offer shariah compliant investment options for it’s users.

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