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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Trikl?
    Trikl is a wealth management platform helping users automate their investments, so no goals are left unfulfilled . We are making it simple and intuitive to start, especially for those who have never invested before. Trikl is a D-AMC with a mobile app that you can use to invest your money - even automating the process easily!
  • Is Trikl a regulated entity?
    Trikl is registered with the SECP (Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan) and regulated under the RSB 2019 regulations and NBFC rules, 2003. Trikl is also operating as a Digital Asset Management Company under SECP’s 3rd Regulatory Sandbox.
  • Does Trikl offer shariah compliant investment options?
    Yes, Trikl does offer shariah compliant investment options in money market mutual funds for the users.
  • What am I investing in?
    With Trikl users can invest in both conventional and shariah compliant money market mutual funds - the great thing about these is that they are relatively risk-free and offer great returns on your investment. Users can start with just PKR 500 and combat hedge their money against inflation.
  • What is a "Goal" on Trikl?
    Goals are the wants and aspirations for which the user is saving their money - these can range from buying a new phone, a laptop, saving up for an Umrah or just building an emergency fund.
  • How do recurring investments work?
    Once the user creates a goal, they can choose an investment plan that automates their investments on a daily, weekly or monthly cadence. The amount is invested from the linked credit/debit card directly into the Trikl account.
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